World Original Teovel´s  Balintawak Arnis Group (WOTBAG) is a lineal discent of family Teovel´s Balintawak Self Defens Club founded by Teofilo Velez, one of 8 main students of Venancio "Anciong" Bacon.
Phrase "World" underlines the global  character of Balintawak Grouping System and an ambition to propagate it all around the world emphasising the Original roots of the Grouping System, which was established just by Teofil Velez and his friend Atty Villasin.
Phrase Teovel´s came as a mix of first syllables of name and surname of Teofilo Velez.
A name Balintawak is related to a name of a street in Cebu City, where a founder of this Filipino Martial Arts style -  Venancio"Anciong" Bacon - set up his first self-defense club.
A name Arnis came from Spain Arnes, i.e. a protector (leather or metal) of a forearm.
Direct successors of Teofilo Velez are his three sons: Chito, Monie and  Eddie. This lineage is developing by their students.
Amongst them there are WOTBAG-Poland's instructors, who are students of Supreme Grand Master Pacito "Chito" Velez.
If you are interested in Balintawak or want to improve your flexibility, strike power, as well as to get to know extremally fast Filipino fight style in medium and short distance -  contact us! Our instructors will find for you the most effective way of training.

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